bedroom furniture Louis Philippe Reclaimed Century Chest

furniture collection classic

H: 133cm W: 112cm D: 51cm

Product number: LR/1226N

Louis Philippe now available in a new and exciting finish, which transforms the timeless classic range and propels it into the 21st century. Now available in reclaimed oak with beautiful brushed copper handles this is a transformation not to be missed.

Some pieces of this range are handmade, using only carefully selected reclaimed or recycled solid wood. By our craftsmen working with the imperfections in the wood, it gives each piece of furniture it’s unique characteristic’s creating a natural beauty. Due to the nature and general age of reclaimed or recycled timber, movement, slight cracks and gaps may appear over time. This is not something to be concerned about, some parts of any piece of reclaimed furniture could be made up of several pieces of previously used wood, which gives this range its unique character and feel.