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The Year We Stayed Home

December | by Kirsty Kind  | #athomewithkirsty

Twenty-twenty. Whilst there have been worse years in history, most of us alive today have seen nothing like this one.

Bushfires tore through Australia causing the loss of over 1 billion mammals, birds, and reptiles. Lives lost, homes destroyed, hope was fading. Whilst the world joined together to help, donate, and support the catastrophe, Covid-19 was sat waiting in the wings ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world.

As the pandemic took hold, the death toll rose and so did the state of panic. Shoppers cleared the shelves and heartbreaking scenes of the elderly staring at empty supermarket aisles dominated our screens. Non-essential travel and holidays were cancelled, bringing the travel industry to its knees. Schools closed leaving parents to juggle working from home with being full-time teachers. Unemployment levels rose and not even furlough could save some of us.

So, when we were all told to stay home, that’s exactly what we did…

…but as businesses closed their doors, people opened their hearts.

We clapped for our NHS and our key-workers and there was a sense of community as people rallied round to provide for the vulnerable and those isolated. We ate out, to help out, sang happy birthday whilst washing our hands, and became professional banana bread makers!

And as the tide changes yet again and Christmas approaches you will be forgiven for not thinking that this is ‘the season to be jolly’ And do you know what? That’s OK!

With so much pressure on us at the best of times, it’s no wonder this year’s events have seen a surge in cases of anxiety and depression. Adults and children alike have been propelled into a world of the unknown and it has never been more vital that we take care of our mental health and each other. So you didn’t get round to buying the whole family matching pyjamas purely to post that perfect family pic on social media…so what? Dave and Sue’s Christmas lights better than yours? Who cares?

This Christmas just remember the greatest gift of all is – be kind to yourself. Take time to breathe, get outdoors or kitchen dance like no one is watching. You only have to look at how Joe Wicks united the world with the power of exercise.

And if some days are a struggle, if you feel like you have nowhere to go, then get support. Reach out because it’s OK not to be OK. Texting SHOUT to 85258 is a completely free and completely confidential 24/7 text messaging support service. (read more here)

For me, journaling has been a lifeline, and for many others, I know too. If you get the chance go check out The Bees Knees Journal. Even better buy it! We know supporting small has never been so important. The founder and very beautiful Kelly Terranova has her own powerful story to tell and her Instagram page is just a treat.

On that note, may you and your loved ones have the very best Christmas you can.

Stay safe. We’ve got this.

Until next time