Willis & Gambier’s furniture ranges are stylish and beautifully made.

Designed with the needs and demands of 21st century life in mind, each range has been carefully crafted capturing its own unique lifestyle. Encompassing numerous furniture styles there is a range to complement any home and setting.

Antoinette dark mahogany close up of drawer showing the blue felt inserts


What is a veneer?
A veneer is a thin slice of solid timber (between 0.3mm and 6mm thick). This is glued and pressed onto a composite material, for example MDF.

How can you tell which areas are solid and which areas are veneered?
On Willis & Gambier product it is extremely difficult to identify a veneered area due to the quality of design and manufacture. However, a way to spot a veneered area is to follow the wood grain on the surface to the cut edge. Once at the edge, check if the grain or knot accurately follows onto the cut edge of the timber, if it does not then it will be a veneer.

Why do we use veneers?
Using veneer extends the use of a piece of timber. The wood that might be used in one solid piece a few visible cm wide can cover a far greater area when used as a veneer. Meaning it is a greener way for W&G to produce product It is also one of the most economical way’s of utilising precious wood.


Wood is a natural material and so there will be characteristics within our products that are unique to each individual piece. Distressing, grain detail, colour differences and on some more rustic pieces, natural knotting can be present. Wood is also prone to very slight movements due to climate change. This is perfectly normal and we allow for these movements within our designs.


The hand finishing of each individual item results in a subtle variation in finish between pieces and gives the range unique character, on some of our ranges we create a distressed aesthetic to add extra charm. Over time, hairline cracks may appear in the paint finish. This is a natural part of the ageing process which occurs on all painted furniture.


Images are correct at the time of publication. Please note that colours and finishes are shown as a guide only. The company has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to change any product and specification on this site.