The workshop that makes this wonderful French country bedroom range, seemed too humble a word for the level of craftsmanship inherent in this collection – quality is their metier and the workshop is a true Atelier.

We wanted to create a fresh French country style bedroom range that follows the tradition of fine classic designs from WG, but with a less formal twist. The attention to detail can be seen in every piece, with charming touches making Atelier a truly unique collection.

Imagine falling asleep in a beautiful bedstead with fresh white cotton sheets under a goose down duvet in a stunning bedroom, everything is perfectly in place, no clutter or mess and exquisitely styled too.

Throughout our whole lives the average person spends over 20 years asleep, so you deserve a beautiful room in which enjoy that rest.

Whatever your style or look before you invest in a new bedroom spend time planning. It helps to make a “mood board” filled with images of fabrics, flooring, wallpaper to furniture. Look around for inspiration using colour and textures this will help inspire and create on your new dream room.